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What is a project?

In TrueRanker you can create unlimited projects to obtain useful data about the positioning of your web pages… but… What are projects and how are they structured?

What is a project in TrueRanker? #

A project is a set of data that will be updated daily and that will depend on the website or URL you want. For example, you can create a project to have all the SEO data of your main domain, subdomain, URL, etc.

List of projects in TrueRanker
List of projects in TrueRanker

What can I do with a project? #

Mainly you will be able to monitor the positions of your keywords. Knowing in which position your website or a certain URL appears in Google is key to know if your SEO strategy is working.

In addition to this, you will be able to do all of this within a project:

  • Obtain data on your keywords (search volume, CPC, estimated traffic, etc.).
  • Access to the visibility index.
  • Access to all SERPs of your keywords.
  • Perform SEO analysis on your URLs.
  • Know the positions of your competitors for your same project’s keywords.
  • Get new keyword ideas to improve your SEO.

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Updated on 20 September 2022