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SEO Rank Tracker - Google Checker

Measure your site’s SEO strategy and find out where you are in Google rankings.
Improve your SEO positioning thanks to the accuracy of our data.

SEO tools for tracking your projects

Search for your online business keywords and discover strategies to increase your Google rankings.
Extract all that information, analyze it and turn it into the foundation of your SEO project.

Keyword Rank Tracker

On page SEO Checker

SERP Checker

SEO Visibility Index

Keywords suggestions

GSC Keywords Suggestions

Local Rank Checker

Google related searches

Keyword clustering

Keyword cannibalization tool

Volume, CPC and keyword trends

SEO position history

Your custom SEO tool

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The most accurate ranking of positions

Daily updates of your keyword positions so you have full control of the changes in your project.

Monitor positions globally or locally anywhere in the world and on mobile or desktop devices.

Analyze the on page SEO of each page of your website

Find out with a single click if your site has any problem to rank in Google and how you can solve it.

Download the report and share it with your clients or friends.

Investigate Google results with SERP Checker

Check first-hand that the results we give you are accurate thanks to the integrated SERP visualization.

Study the view of 100 results and all the snipets that Google returns for your keyword searches.

Monitor your site's presence with the Visibility Index

We monitor weekly changes in the Sistrix visibility index of your projects.

Check that everything is working properly and that you do not receive any penalty from Google.

Get keyword suggestions

Detect keywords on which your website is ranking and you have not added to your project.

Add them with a single click and start monitoring their data and positions on a daily basis.

Add keywords to your project from GSC

Thanks to the integration of the GSC API, you will be able to add all the keywords you are interested in to your project with a single click to start getting data from them.

Complement the data provided by GSC with TrueRanker to have full control over the SEO of your website.

Controls the positions in the Local Pack

Monitor the position of your local business in your city and find out who are the competitors fighting with you to keep the top positions in the Local Pack of the SERPs.

Discover new keywords with Google related searches

Display related searches (keywords that people interested in your keyword also search for) with all your keywords.

Add them to your project with a single click and start optimizing your SEO.

Group your keywords to see how each cluster is evolving

Filter and group your keywords by location, device, tags, etc. and visualize the evolution of the SEO strategy of that cluster.

Very useful to see how the keywords of a brand, a category, etc. evolve.

Detect possible cannibalization for each keyword

If two URLs on your site are ranking for the same keyword, it can be a problem.

TrueRanker warns you about possible cannibalizations you may have and which URLs are conflicting.

Examines volume, CPC and trend for each keyword

Get 100% real values from the Google database to see the evolution of your keywords in the market.

Attack the keywords with the highest volume and lowest difficulty to get more traffic to your website.

Visualize the evolution of your keyword position

We keep the position history of your keyword so you can study if your strategy for that keyword is working.

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