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Monitor the number of keywords you need and use our tools to inform your customers.
SEO Rank Tracker - Google Checker

Measure the SEO strategy of your clients and their competitors in an orderly and easy way.

With TrueRanker you can share the project live with your client, create reports and send them automatically and access the API to create your own system to monitor the positions of your keywords.

B2B solution to grow your business

We help you to improve the SEO strategy of your business and your customers with useful and easy to use tools.

Customized tool

Share your projects

SEO reports

White Label in reports

API access

Customized plans

B2B SEO tool for agencies and platforms

If you are missing any tool, we can implement it for you!
Contact us and tell us what you need to improve the SEO strategy of your project.

Multi-user access

Create sub-accounts and give access to co-workers so that everyone can work on their own projects.

You can separate projects the way you want so that users only see the information they have access to.

Work with the tool you always wanted to have

We work following the suggestions and needs of our customers. Do you need some data that is not showing yet? Are you missing some functionality that will help you improve your visibility in Google?

Collaborate with us to make TrueRanker one of the best SEO tools for agencies and companies in the market.

Share the project with your customers

Make your clients actively participate in the project and know first hand the evolution of the SEO strategy.

You can share a public URL with all the data about your keyword positions so they can see how you are working.

Generate SEO reports for your clients

Generate reports using filters to select the keywords that you want. 

Automate the report to be generated at your desired time and emailed directly to your clients or partners.

Put your brand on our reports

Add your logo in the reports you send to your clients for a more professional look and feel.

Also add your website logo in the shared URL of your project.

Access to our API for SEO tools and agencies

We give you access to our API so you can work with a more advanced access configuration. Extract all SEO data and apply it for your own purposes.

Access your project data and set up the dashboards you need for your clients.

Customized plans for each company or agency

We have customized plans in which you can choose the number of keywords to monitor, competitors per project, number of reports, etc…

Get more features and keywords to monitor at a lower price than other tools on the market.

Try TrueRanker for free and grow your customers' businesses.

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