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Welcome to TrueRanker’s SEO Competitor Rank Tracker – your ultimate tool for staying ahead of the competition. With our advanced features, you can monitor your competitors’ keyword positions on Google, compare them with your own, identify new rivals, and uncover keywords that are driving your competitors’ success. Gain unparalleled insights into your competitive landscape and refine your SEO strategy for ultimate success.

SEO competitors rank tracker

Control the SEO strategy of your competitors

Search for the keywords of your main competitors and find out what they do to rank well.
Extract all this information, analyze it and turn it into the foundation of your SEO project.

SEO competitor research

On page SEO audit

Ranking positions of your competitors

Competitor keyword research

Create competitive SEO reports

Position history

Your customized SEO competitor rankings tool

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Monitor the SEO rankings of your main competitors

Monitor daily the Google rankings of your main competitors for the keywords added to your project.

Compare their positions with yours and discover opportunities to improve your positions in Google.

Analyze the On-Page SEO of the pages that are in the first positions of Google.

Find out what strategy your competitors are using on each of the pages that rank well for your keywords.

What headings are they using? What keyword density is working for them? Compare the On-Page SEO of your page with theirs.

Find out who your main competitors are

TrueRanker offers you a list of your main competitors by country.

Add competitors to your project from the list or manually to get all the information about their SEO strategies.

Search for competitor´s keywords

Use our powerful tool to discover keywords that your competitors are ranking for and that are not added to your project.

Add these keywords to your project, discover your positions and improve your content to climb the Google rankings.

Generate detailed reports for your customers

Create competitor reports to inform your customers or partners of everything that is happening with your competitors.

Send the reports automatically by e-mail by choosing the period and dates of comparison.

Consult the position history for evolution analysis.

We store all the data of your competitors positions so you can see the evolution over time.

Compare average positions and keyword distribution over the last year to get a better overview of the work you are doing.

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