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Add competitors to your project

In order to obtain and save the keyword data of your competitors, you must add the competitors to your project. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to your project dashboard #

Go to the dashboard of your project by clicking on its name in the project list or by choosing the project from the drop-down menu in the tool header.

2. Click on “Competitors”. #

In the side menu, click on “Competitors”.

Click on "Competitors".
Click on “Competitors”.


3. Add competitors to your project #

Click on the button “Add my first competitor”.

Add your first competitor


In TrueRanker you have two ways to add competitors to your project:

1. Add competitors from our suggestion list #

TrueRanker provides you with a list of competitors. These competitors are competing with your website for a number of keywords. You can add these competitors to your project by clicking on them.

2. Add competitors manually #

Enter the URL of your main competitor’s homepage.


Add competitors



Updated on 27 September 2022