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The keywords

Keywords are search terms that a website owner or SEO professional will use to optimize a website to rank at the top of Google results for specific keywords.

What elements make up a keyword in TrueRanker? #

A keyword in TrueRanker is formed by the combination of the keyword, the location where you want to search for it and the device on which you want to perform the search. You should take this into account when adding keywords to monitor in your project.



In the image above, we can see a list of 11 keywords. The position of each of these keywords will be monitored daily by our system.

Keyword term #

It is the keyword you want to monitor. For example “trueranker”.

Location #

It is the place where you want to perform the search. You can choose a country, a province, a city…  For example “Serbia”.

Device #

It is the type of device on which you want to perform the search. The results in Google may vary depending on whether you search on a mobile or a computer.


How many keywords can I monitor with TrueRanker? #

Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you will be able to monitor the following number of keywords:

  • FREE Plan: 5 keywords.
  • Advanced Plan: 100 keywords.
  • Business Plan: 500 keywords.
  • Agency Plan: 2000 keywords.
  • Custom Plans: +2000 keywords.

You can check the prices of our plans here.


How often are keyword positions monitored? #

Once a day, every day.


Updated on 26 September 2022