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Position tracking data

When tracking rankings for a keyword, we show you a lot of data that can be useful to you. We are going to explain some of them now.

Position #

The “position” column indicates the position (obviously) of your project on the last day of the selected period.

In addition, it can be accompanied by several indicators:

  • A crown: it appears when your project is in first organic position for the keyword.
  • A medal: appears when your project is in the best position since you track it in TrueRanker. It is only displayed if you are monitoring the keyword for more than 7 days.
  • The text “NEW”: is displayed when your project starts to rank for a new keyword in the top 100. In practice it is taken into account that, in the selected period, the first day is not ranking (101+) and the last one is.

Tracking data: position

Updated on 26 March 2024