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SEO Visibility Index

TrueRanker offers you the possibility to control the presence of your website in Google search results.

Our Visibility Index is based on the data provided by Sistrix Visibility Index.

Do you know if your website has the necessary presence to generate organic traffic through Google? Are you focusing your SEO strategy correctly to capture the largest possible audience?

Has your website been penalized by Google for any reason and you still don’t know?

In TrueRanker we offer you all the necessary information so you can control your visibility on Google.

Visibility Index based on Sistrix data

How does the TrueRanker Visibility Index work?

1. Add a new project

Create a new project with a domain URL

Choose a project name and enter the domain of your website. Select the main country where you rank or where you want to rank your business.
2. Visibility Index

Go to the "Visibility Index" section.

Within the menu of your project, click on "Visibility Index" to be able to analyze your website data.
3. Choose country

In which country do you want to meet your VI?

Choose one of the more than 50 countries that offer this functionality to know your visibility in Google's results in the country of your choice.
4. Analyze your data

Check the evolution of your presence on Google

Check the data of the last months and see how your SEO strategy has evolved.

Start monitoring the evolution of your SEO strategy NOW!

Monitor the visibility of your projects on desktop and mobile devices

The visibility index considers keyword searches on both desktop and mobile devices.

Automatic data update

Your visibility index data is updated weekly without the need for you to do anything. See the evolution of your Visibility Index on your dashboard or receive emails with the changes.

Report generation

Generate reports with the historical data of your visibility index and share them with your customers.

Obtain data necessary for any agency

With TrueRanker you can monitor the Visibility Index of the domains you want in more than 50 countries:

  • Unlimited domains, you can create as many local projects as you want.
  • Unlimited clients, you can share the project in real time with as many people as you want.
  • Unlimited emails, send daily, weekly or monthly reports to the number of clients you need.

Your customized Visibility Index tool

Are you missing a tool? We can implement it for you!
Contact us and tell us what you need to improve the local SEO strategy of your business.

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