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Improve the vision you have of your SEO strategy thanks to keyword clustering.

Improve your website SEO by organizing keywords in SEO clusters

Do you know which group of keyword is generating more traffic? Are all the categories of your blog competitive?

Should you apply different SEO strategies depending on the keyword group of your project?

Divide your project into clusters and study the data of each group to apply different strategies.

keyword grouper
Make groups of keywords to see their SEO evolution

How do I group the keywords of my project in TrueRanker?

1. Tag your keywords

Filter keywords to create groups

Go to the keyword list of your project and tag the keywords according to the clusters that you have analyzed.
2. Use the filters

Filter keywords to get groups

You can filter groups by location, device, tags, etc.
3. Study the data

Analyze the cluster you have just created

Analyzes the data of the created group (average position, distribution evolution, etc).
4. Create a report

Generate a report for your customers

Generate a report with the selected grouped data and compare the evolution of your project over time.

Start NOW to improve your SEO strategy with TrueRanker keyword clustering

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