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Discover keywords that your potential customers are also searching for.

New keyword ideas from the keywords you are already positioning.

Keywords related to your positioned keywords

Do you know what keywords your potential customers are searching for? Do you know the traffic these keywords could bring you?

Do you want to discover keyword opportunities to improve your content and rank better?

In TrueRanker we offer you the tool you need. We offer you the related searches that Google returns for each of the keywords of your project.

Related Searches
Related Google searches provided by TrueRanker

How does TrueRanker's related search retrieval tool work?

1. Add a keyword

Add one or more keywords to your project

Add to your project through the various methods offered by TrueRanker keywords that you are already positioning or that correspond to the theme of your website.
2. Get related searches

Click on the magnifying glass button in the column "Related searches".

In the keyword table, in addition to the data provided by TrueRanker, you will see a column called "Related Searches". Click on that button to see the related searches.
3. Add them to your project with a single click.

Add related searches that interest you

Study the keywords that your potential customers also search for and add them to your project to obtain data about them.
4. Repeat the process to obtain more keywords

Get more related searches from the ones you've already added

You can discover an infinite number of keywords that Google relates to your keywords to create content and start monitoring them in TrueRanker.

Discover new keyword ideas NOW thanks to TrueRanker's related searches

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