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7 Simple digital marketing growth hacks you just have to try

Sergio Pérez
January 9, 2023 | 

Digital marketing trends are continuously evolving. Every year, new strategies for marketing are developed that must be studied and implemented in the strategies of small and large businesses. If not, you could suffer significant financial loss.

In terms of internet-based searching, Google is way ahead of its competitors. Google is responsible for 94 percent of all organic traffic search traffic and 96% of mobile searches. This makes getting your website to appear on the first page of Google results in the single most significant success factor in the digital marketing industry.
The positive side is that the size of your company isn’t a factor in Google. Only those who utilize methods that are approved by the algorithm will be able to view your site on the main website on the Google search engine. This is the first page in the search results.

What is Growth Hacking?

The term “growth hacking” was coined to identify the connection between the growth of your business and using innovative strategies (hacks) which reverse engineer the process. Utilizing the “hacks” makes your marketing efforts more efficient and faster. Why? Because you’ve gathered a set of best practices in marketing for your specific industry and adapted their universal approach to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Growth hacking doesn’t have to be prescriptive. Instead, it’s solution-oriented and driven by results. The advantage of using effective growth techniques is that they aid in the acquisition of new customers, increase your sales, or meet an identical benchmark more quickly.
Growth hacking is a vital instrument for small-sized businesses operating in the B2B sector, which must maximize every financial and human resource. What marketer wouldn’t gain from a tested effective, cost-effective and efficient process?

Why is it vital to implement techniques to increase your growth?

Growth hacks are a great way to increase the size of your business quickly without huge capital investment in paid social and paid search, top-quality SEO tools, and other expensive methods of marketing. Small businesses can remain competitive even if they don’t have the massive budgets of large companies. Costs are controlled by having to make use of creativity and innovation to grow your business rather than spending large sums of money.

Utilizing a variety of methods of marketing, growth hackers expand their client base and keep customers coming back to return. Good articles are important as well, and it is necessary to run them through an online plagiarism checker. Isn’t that what they want to achieve?

Let’s look at some easy internet marketing tips to help you rank your website to the top of the results of searches and make the most value from the traffic that comes in.

7 Digital Marketing Hacks

1. Optimizing your Email marketing strategy

An email has been in use for quite a while and will not go away. According to the study, about 80 percent of marketers have witnessed an increase in the number of emails sent over the past 12 months.

There are a lot of fascinating statistics for those who will be using email marketing in marketing campaigns. In addition, it is the most effective way to get the highest ROI for small-sized businesses. Of course, this can only be achieved by having a professionally designed newsletter template that has a clear and appealing message.

The most efficient method of marketing is its capacity to organize your email strategy based on your client base. For instance, marketing professionals constantly make use of the holidays to their advantage by offering customers discounts, such as handing discounts to those who have left the site with an item in their shopping cart.

2. Implementation of the AIDA model

AIDA is an abbreviation that is a reference to Attention, Interest, Desire, as well as Action (action).

This model of marketing has been in use for quite a while – to be specific, it has been in use since the year 1898. What is the reason? It’s because she’s still working.

Furthermore, AIDA handles almost all marketing channels with ease. It assists in capturing the attention of the reader, generates the impression of wanting to draw away the strings in the heart, and offers an answer to the issue. This tried and tested method has been employed in the past, and is still being used to this day, and will be in high demand for small-scale business marketing campaigns for the next year.

AIDA method

3. Utilization of videos for marketing

Video has emerged as the main engine behind digital marketing, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing any time in the near future. Based on the research, in 2022, video content will comprise almost 82% of the internet’s consumer traffic.

Live streaming and brand-name videos are among the most well-known video marketing trends currently. Each year, marketers try to come up with new and innovative methods to attract their customers via video content.

The benefit of live streaming is that they’re interactive and let viewers be part of the conversation with comments that can be addressed promptly. According to some estimates, streaming will comprise 13 percent of the total video traffic in 2022. It’s an excellent option for companies seeking to think outside of the box.

Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t take money to produce an explainer, tutorial, or product demonstration video. All you have to do is purchase an appropriate mic and camera. It is also possible to utilize your smartphone. It’s not necessary to spend huge sums of money on costly video editor software. Instead, you can make use of common apps which are strong enough to make videos that look professional. In order to increase visitors to your site to increase its visibility, you need to make it easy to use, fill it with informational content, and resolve the specific issue that the client you are targeting is experiencing.

Optimizing your YouTube video by using relevant keywords can increase the chance of getting more views. Pay attention to the name of the video: it should be unique and appealing.

For instance, “Learn how to tie a bow tie” does not sound as appealing as “Learn how to tie the perfect bow tie.”

Although there are numerous videos that cover the same subject, your goal is to stand out from the crowd.

4. Create new content

The content you share will be the basis of any marketing plans. While writing regular blog posts and articles can be effective in generating traffic, you cannot make it through with just informative texts. Many companies realize the importance of engaging their customers. Indeed numerous successful brands utilize engaging content along with their content to draw customers.

Recently new content has been getting more attention. It includes content written in addition to traditional blogs, as well as e-books, articles, as well as videos. Similar to videos, you can employ polls, games, and contests to make captivating content that is sure to engage your customers and where they can participate in voting or sharing their thoughts on a subject. Be sure that the content you create such as that will be relevant to your company.

The expiring material, heavily in the style of Snapchat, which was largely influenced by the Snapchat model, is also continuing to be popular among younger users. It’s accessible on your website or on social platforms for a specified amount of time and then later removed. It will create an atmosphere of urgency, which could spur users to take the action. To entice your viewers, it is possible to offer such things as discounts which will be only accessible for a short duration of duration.

5. Understanding the distinction between marketing and branding

Before you invest in online marketing, it is important to be aware of the distinction between branding and marketing. While the two terms can be employed interchangeably, they have distinct meanings.

From the perspective of a customer, the brand you choose to represent will not represent an item or service that you provide but your logo, website design, and your messages across all platforms you are using. The concept of branding is the way that people will see your business.

However, digital marketing utilizes tactics that are designed to enhance your brand. This means that your marketing strategies should be able to strengthen your brand’s message rather than the reverse. But this is where small businesses usually fall short. They make use of marketing campaigns that are focused more on the product or service they offer instead of generating interest and creating an online community.

Promoting your business or product via social media platforms will not aid in building a network of loyal fans. This approach could have a negative effect on the popularity of your business.

6. Effective use of LSA

LSA (local advertisements for services) are like Google Ads but very different from Google Ads in their effectiveness in promoting the products and services. In essence, they are paid-per-lead advertisements that are now appearing at the top of Google results for the search. The first time they were launched was in 2017. LSAs are gradually increasing in popularity and are now entering smaller markets.

Presently, such advertisements are beneficial for those who offer services at home. For instance, these include electricians, locksmiths, cleaners, painters, and plumbers. If you offer any of the services mentioned above, you should consider making use of the LSA to broaden your reach. But, this type of advertising could be beneficial for other companies too. Contrary to Google Ads, you don’t need to pay per click, only for leads relevant to your company.

Let’s see what happens when your Local Services Ads work:

  • You can create your weekly budget basing it on the average amount of leads you’re expecting to get.
  • Leads are able to be challenged if they’re not relevant or useful. If they are not, the leads will be removed from your account.
  • Although you might spend more than your weekly budget with LSA, it’s unlikely you’ll spend more each month with this method. Advertising is fairly simple.
  • If you’re patient, then making use of LSA could be a viable option to get customers interested. If you’re advertising a start-up or small business that is operating on a budget, then it’s best to put off this kind of advertisement until the future.

7. Smart SEO

Many people believe that SEO has gone out of fashion. We are not in agreement with this. Search engine optimization has become more vital than ever before in the process of indexing websites by an engine. Although SEO trends constantly change, however, there is one aspect that Google appears to be focusing on: the distinction between the search engine and intent. For instance, “web design Miami” will bring back web design studios, whereas “web design company in Miami” will bring up job websites.


That means that to effectively promote your website, you must segment the keywords you wish to rank for and include competitive analysis, an integral component in an SEO strategy. If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past, it’s this tried and tested strategy that works for online marketing. In certain cases, the more simple, the more effective.

Digital marketing, in the end, is an entire marathon and not an event. Remember that what you are doing is being measured as well as data-driven. You can set yourself up for success by using the tips above for digital marketing. The most effective digital marketing strategies offer small-sized businesses guidance regarding the strategy they should employ to increase the efficiency of their digital marketing. However, as they say, these formulas cannot be written in stone, meaning you must constantly tweak your digital marketing strategy in order to maximize your ROI.

These tried and true methods offer small businesses the chance to decide on the best strategy to follow to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing. But these formulas may not be the only way to go. If you’re looking to increase your return on investment, it is worth constantly tweaking your strategy for digital marketing.

You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money or spend large chunks of time on useless marketing strategies if you use these growth strategies. Additionally, there’s no requirement to hire additional staff to implement these methods either. Simply taking these steps will have a huge impact on the growth of your business. Try them out to find out which strategies work best for your particular business. Watch your business prosper.