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What is a landing page and why is it important for your website?

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Getting users to carry out the actions that most interest a website or online store requires a good digital marketing strategy and the use of appropriate tools and elements such as calls to action and landing pages.

With a landing page, you can configure an ideal environment so that the user can perform a specific action, without there being elements that distract or interfere. Knowing how to create a landing page optimized for the objectives of a website is a priority within the conversion strategies of digital marketing.

Next, we will see what a landing page is, what types of landing pages exist, and we will offer a series of tips on how to create a landing page to maximize conversions.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page or landing page is a page specially designed to promote conversions. In a landing page, all elements that could distract the user from the conversion objective are eliminated, so that the process to be carried out focuses their attention.

What are the characteristics of a landing page

Landing pages have a series of characteristics that differentiate them from the rest of the URLs that make up a website.

  • Focused on conversion. This type of page aims to achieve conversions, such as subscriptions to get leads, or sales to increase revenue.
  • Simplicity. Landing pages are pages with a simple design, where links, menus, advertising banners and any other element that is not related to your conversion objective are eliminated.
  • Call to action. All landing pages have a call to action element, which is given priority so that the user pays their full attention to it. Usually, this is the button where the user performs the conversion.
  • Informative. A landing page offers clear and precise information about the conditions of the conversion. For example, it indicates the benefits that the user gets from sharing their email.
  • Fast charging. Landing pages are very light pages so that users can access them immediately. The goal is to create a landing page with the lowest bounce rate possible, to maximize the chances of a conversion being made.

Why is it important to my business?

Landing pages are a fundamental element in any conversion strategy, be it in capturing leads or contacts, or in pages for sales. Optimizing the landing pages that are implemented will increase the results significantly, facilitating and guiding users in the final phase of the conversion process.

The main benefits of a landing page are:

  • Increase sales or the number of leads captured.
  • It is a space with great creative freedom, where it is possible to apply different techniques to promote conversion (visual and psychological techniques).
  • The cost of creating a landing page is low, especially compared to creating other types of pages, such as posts with quality content or adding new features to the web or eCommerce. < / li>
  • Reduces the costs of advertising actions since the cost of creating and using landing pages is very low.
  • Landing pages can be readapted to be reused in the future in other campaigns or marketing actions (especially those landing pages that have garnered high conversion figures).
  • They can achieve a great reach thanks to the possibility of going viral on social networks.

How does a landing page work?

A landing page is in a recruitment and sale stage where the user makes the final decision.

During this process, it is achieved that the client or contact reaches the landing page, either with a good SEO positioning, with email marketing strategies, social media or content marketing, or with pay-per-click SEM campaigns.

Once the user enters the landing page, this is responsible for informing him of the benefits of taking the action (reward for subscribing, benefits of hiring or special discounts for the purchase, for example), as well as to highlighting the action to be taken (purchase, contract or subscription).

The design and organization of the landing page itself favor that the user is focused on these concepts and that they do not end up leaving the web when they find an element that distracts them, such as a banner, a link that leaves the landing, etc.

Landing page types

There are different types of landing pages that can be developed to maximize conversions:

  • Click-through. It is the basic type of landing page, with a clear and simple structure, which incorporates a prominent button to perform the action. It is used regularly by eCommerce to increase their sales of a certain product.
  • Of product. They are landing pages that provide great information about a product so that users have greater confidence in making the purchase.
  • To attract leads. They are pages that want to capture information from users to add them to their contact database. They mainly focus on contact information like phone numbers or email. Even some landing pages, seeking to maximize conversions, only ask for the user’s email.
  • Viral landing pages. They are creative and innovative landing pages that seek to cause a great impact on users with the intention that they share it and become viral. If the objective of virtualizing this type of landing page is reached, the reach and benefits obtained are considerable.
  • Microsites. They are landing pages more complex than a simple landing page, but much simpler than a website. They are used for special events, promotions and the like.

How to get the most out of your landing pages

To optimize a landing page and get its maximum performance, it is necessary to use different tools and mechanisms.

Landing pages in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics it is possible to test up to ten different versions of a landing page at the same time. This option is found within the tool in the Content Experiments option.

In these experiments, different aspects can be compared such as:

  • Test how the landing page works with a random sample of visitors.
  • Mark the percentage of visits to carry out the experiment.
  • Choose which elements to test.
  • Track the evolution of the experiment to know what happens in real-time.

Once the experiment is completed, it will be possible to evaluate which of the 10 landing pages is the one that achieves the most conversions, and therefore, it should be the one used.

Google Search Console Impressions and CTR Report

In Google Search Console you can check very important metrics to optimize a landing page:

  • Impressions. The number of times the landing page has been shown to users.
  • CTR. The number of clicks users have made on the call to action.

WordPress plugins to create a good landing page

Those who use the WordPress content manager can install and activate different plugins or add-ons to create an optimized landing page.

Some interesting landing page plugins for WordPress are:

This WordPress plugin not only allows the creation of a personalized landing page optimized for conversions but also allows integration with Mailchimp to send mass emails (use the landing page created in email marketing campaigns).

The Elementor WordPress plugin is a complete editor that allows you to create custom landing pages. The tool uses a very simple visual system, adding the different elements of a page, customizing them thanks to the variation of various parameters.

With Elementor it is very simple to eliminate all the elements of the web that can be a distraction for the landing page, such as hiding the sidebars, main menu, header and footer.

It is also possible to place the call to action anywhere on the landing, constructing it in an attractive way to focus the attention of users on it.

The main advantage of this specific plugin for landing pages is that has a wide variety of templates to choose from.

By selecting one of these pre-built templates, you will save a lot of time and effort when creating a landing page. In addition, they can be customized to get even more out of these types of pages intended for conversion.

In SEO, landing pages have the sole objective of converting, be it hiring of service, a subscription, or a sale. With an optical design of a landing page, the user can be informed and guided to carry out the conversion action, highlighting the most important information and focusing attention on the call to action (eliminating any distracting element from the page).

The cost of creating a landing page is very low, and thanks to WordPress plugins it is possible to create them without the need for advanced knowledge of web programming or graphic design.