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Google Chrome Extensions, SEO and TrueRanker Tool

No. We do not come here to tell you that there are a lot of Google Chrome extensions that can help you with the SEO of your website. You will find many articles on the Internet on this topic. We come here to tell you something else.

Did you know that the Chrome Web Store is not the only extension discovery channel?

At TrueRanker we like to curl the loop and we come to tell you that you can do SEO with Chrome extensions, rank them in Google’s web search (desktop) and get traffic, downloads and users for them. And not only that; our Google Rank Checker is the only tool on the market that allows you to track the target keywords of your extensions in any country:

Monitor Google Chrome Extensions SEO
Rankings of some keywords in Google USA of the popular Mailtrack extension.

Monitor keyword positions of Extensions with our SEO Tool

Controlling the positions of the keywords by which any Chrome extension ranks in Google is very easy with TrueRanker tool:

1. Add a new Google Chrome Extension project.

2. Add to the project the keywords that you have worked on in the listing of your extension that you want to monitor, as well as the country in which you want to monitor them.

3. Done! Now you will be able to see the positions by which your extension ranks and their evolution over time. Easy peasy!

Start monitoring the SEO of your Chrome Extensions NOW

Did you know you can do SEO with Chrome Extensions? Still not monitoring the keywords of your Extensions? Start using TrueRanker tool before your competitors.