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How To Submit A Guest Post To The TrueRanker Blog?

Javier Quevedo
December 21, 2022 | 

Our ultimate goal is to make the TrueRanker blog as helpful as possible for our readers. Therefore, we are always open to cooperating with brilliant SEO and marketing experts.

Every day we receive dozens of guest post applications, and unsurprisingly, not all submissions get our approval and end up on the blog pages.

But don’t worry, even though we have high standards, they are pretty reasonable. If you take a responsible approach and prepare a high-quality expert piece, we will be happy to welcome you to our blog.

What’s your benefit in writing a guest post for TrueRanker?

The main value of writing a guest post on our blog is to share your knowledge with the community. As you already know (or so we hope), this will increase your authority as an industry expert and all this will positively affect your projects.

Here are some great reasons to write a guest post:

  • Share your expertise with thousands of readers.
  • Promote your company.
  • Get a high-quality, relevant, trusted backlink.
  • Get your article promoted on our social media and monthly newsletter.

What are our guest post requirements?

We get many questions from potential guest authors about how to write or style an article, so here you will find a list of our basic requirements.

If there are still questions left unanswered after you’ve finished reading this post, feel free to ask the editor you’re in contact with, and they will be happy to assist you.

We only publish articles for free; there are no advertising posts on our blog.
So don’t expect a reply if you offer us paid content.

The only way for you to get your article published is to make it a unique, high-quality, and well-researched piece.


Content guidelines

  • First and foremost: Your content must be valuable to the reader.
  • Only submit unique content on topics you’re an expert in. Plagiarism is prohibited. Before publishing your article we will test it with several plagiarism detection tools we use. If we detect that your content is plagiarized, it will not be published.
  • Use images and screenshots to illustrate your points. Please don’t add stock images to the article to fill the space. Only include images that provide additional value to the reader.
  • Use numbers, statistics, and data as much as possible. Refer to practical experience, link to reputable sources, and support your statements with facts. Always link to the data recourse.

Technical requirements

  • Min 2000-3000 words. Long-form comprehensive texts are a must. The text length can be negotiable as long as the topic is well-researched. Feel free to discuss it with the editor you’re in contact with.
  • A list, a set of bullet points or a table.
  • 2+ internal links: look through the TrueRanker blog for additional articles that are relevant to your post.
  • 2+ external links: use the opportunity to link to a blog or a page that adds additional value to the reader.

Even though we reserve the right to indicate such backlinks as ‘nofollow’, we guarantee one ‘dofollow’ link per guest post. You are free to choose which link it will be.

Important note: We will only link to secure, high-quality resources. No spammy links are allowed.


Publishing process

As previously mentioned, we receive dozens of requests daily.

When you first submit the draft of your article, it gets immediately put in line for approval and editorial preparation. Due to the big number of guest post submissions the TrueRanker blog receives, the line gets quite crowded, so the process might take a while.

By submitting your guest post to the TrueRanker blog, you agree that:

  • The editor has the right to make final changes to the article according to TrueRanker’s editorial guidelines.
  • It’s completely up to the editor to determine when your guest post gets published.

We only agree to publish your posts on our terms and in a timeframe that is convenient for us.

When you first submit your draft, please make sure to provide full editing access to the document. It will significantly speed up the publishing process.

What should you write about?

Among the TrueRanker blog readers, there are both beginners and experts, which means that our audience is interested in various types of articles: from basic and simple to the most complex.

Describe what you are good at. It may be online marketing research and guides, content, SEO and PPC growth hacks, or valuable ideas of using TrueRanker for newbies and pros.
It’s all about your article highlighting your experience and benefitting the reader.

Research examples:
Research in Internet marketing is vital at all times because you always need to be aware of all new products and changes.

Article topics (Free topic ideas for guest authors)

  • Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce.
  • Best SEO KPIs and Dashboards to Analyze Performance Like a Pro.
  • How to Boom Your LinkedIn Lead Generation: A Detailed Guide.
  • How To Implement And Use Hreflang.
  • How to set redirect 301 from HTTP to HTTPS site version.
  • Configuring redirects on a website: how to avoid mistakes.
  • The Best Ways to Find an Email Address.
  • How You Can Use TrueRanker Search Suggestions Tool: Tips and Tricks.
  • How to Create Catchy Headlines: The Best Tips and Tricks.
  • Internal Linking Mistakes That Harm Your SEO Strategy.
  • Comprehensive Guide for Optimizing Images on the Website.
  • How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices.
  • Who Are SMM Specialists and What Do They Do.
  • What Is the Difference Between Title and H1 and How to Compose It.
  • How to Measure ROI of Your SEO and Link-Building Campaigns.
  • How to Check and Analyze Website Traffic Statistics: Beginner’s Guide.
  • Best Advanced Off-Page SEO Techniques & Tools in 2023.
  • How to Reach a Wider Audience by Bringing Your Old Posts Back to Life.
  • How to Automate Client Acquisition with High Conversion SEO.
  • What Is Latent Semantic Indexing And Why It Is Important For SEO.
  • How to Add an Organization to Google Business Profile.
  • A Guide to Understanding Your Competitive Landscape.
  • How to Ensure Data Security With Your Marketing Data.
  • What Is A Sales Funnel And How To Build It.
  • How to Carry Out an Internal Site Optimization: Diving Into Details.
  • How to use Google Analytics 4 for SEO.
  • Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics.
  • How to Increase Website’s Crawl Speed.
  • Winning SEO Tactics and Best Practices for Tech Companies.
  • How to find and fix sneaky redirects for mobile devices.

These are just some examples of topics you can choose from.

If you didn’t find anything that fits, feel free to suggest a different topic in your submission form.

As long as it’s within your expertise and fits the theme of our blog we would be happy to consider it.