Google SERP Checker for analyzing searches results

Analyze Google results sheets and know with total accuracy your position and that of your competitors on Google.

TrueRanker allows you to monitor the positions of your keywords and visualize the SERPs in search of opportunities.

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Why use TrueRanker's Google SERP Checker?

Do you know if your website is positioning correctly in the cities or countries where you offer your services or products? Are your competitors using strategies to appear in the featured snippets of Google?

In TrueRanker we offer you all the information you need to improve your SEO strategy thanks to our Google SERPs analyzer.

SERP Viewer
TrueRanker SERP Checker

Keep track of all the changes in the SERPs of your keywords.

We get the SERPs you need regardless of country, city, keyword and device (mobile or desktop).

How does the TrueRanker Google SERP Viewer work?

1. Add a new project

Create a project with your domain data

Choose a project name and enter the domain of your website. Select the main country where you rank or where you want to rank your business.
2. Add suggested keywords

Select keywords from our database

We offer you a series of keywords for which your web page may be positioning. Select the ones you are most interested in and add them with a click.
3. Add keywords manually

Enter the keywords that you want to monitor and are not in the suggestions.

Add to your project the keywords, the type of device and the city or cities in which you want to monitor their positions in the Local Pack.
4. Visualize the SERPs

Analyze each of the SERPs of your keywords

In the keywords table you will find their current position and a lot of useful data that will help you in your strategy. You will also be able to visualize the SERP of each of your keywords.

Start NOW to monitor your website's Google SERPs with 100% accurate data

Analyze 100 results for each SERP

Our system takes care of getting the first 100 organic results so you can analyze all your competitors.

All the information on the highlighted fragments

We store a copy of the SERP in which you can see how your competitors appear in the featured snippets.

Google SERP Checker
100% Accurate data
SERP Viewer
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SERP Checker for agencies, freelancers and people who are learning SEO

With TrueRanker you will be able to monitor an infinite number of serps thanks to our customized plans:

  • Unlimited domains, you can create as many local projects as you want.
  • Unlimited clients, you can share the project in real time with the number of people you want.
  • Unlimited emails, send daily, weekly or monthly reports to the number of clients you need.

Your customized SERP checking tool

Are you missing some functionality or data to help you improve your business SEO?

  We implement it for you!

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