What is anchor text and how to optimize your linkbuilding

An anchor text is that text that constitutes the visible part of an HTML link on a web page or blog. It is the text, by default blue, that accompanies a link and, therefore, the main element that users see before clicking on it. Its design has great relevance to the construction of a linkbuilding strategy and we must study which anchor texts are more appropriate if we want to have an optimal positioning as a whole.

As you already know, linkbuilding is a key element to establish a good SEO positioning. Having links from other websites to yours brings authority and reliability to your content, so search engines take this factor very much into account when positioning your website. While in SEO is important to develop a website with internal links that increase the ratio of visits per visitor, it is even more important to get these HTML links from external sources.

However, not all links get the same results and the anchor texts chosen are vital to ensure the attractiveness of traffic and positioning in Google. That is why in this article we propose to understand how to optimize linkbuilding through anchor text.

Different types of anchor text

Although the purpose of the anchor texts is to inform the user of the content that will be found if he clicks on the HTML link, the way in which the information is displayed will change the user’s response to the link and Google’s response to the web positioning. Next, we will know what kind of anchor texts exist:


In this case the link configures the text in blue and therefore is the only information that the user knows. A link to Facebook would be seen like this: https://www.facebook.com/

Not optimized or generic

Two examples would be “click here” or “this web”, in which it refers directly to the given link and questions the user.


In this type we refer to all the links optimized with the keywords of which the linked article refers and that you want to position in search engines. An anchor text linked to this article would be “what is anchor text”.


They are those links in which the name of the linked page constitutes the anchor text. If we link to a Google help website the anchor text would show: “Google”.

Which anchor text is better for linkbuilding?

There is no magic formula that allows us to use the perfect anchor texts for SEO positioning but we can identify some recommendations.

In general it is recommended that the links are directed to specific articles or pages of your website. In this way you will generate internal traffic later and give reliability to search engines.

Sometimes it is not more important the number of links you get on different websites but the quality of these. We must always remember that links have the will to be useful and capture traffic, so the more attractive and explanatory are better. It follows that it is not positive to use anchor texts of the naked type; it does not provide anything to use the full link for the visible text.

However, there are those who say that it is positive for SEO to use the brand name of the page. The anchor text that reaffirms the name of the page conquer a greater positioning.

It is also positive to use the keywords you want to position. To do this, it is advisable to investigate who you compete with in the search results and what anchor texts they have. It is also good to use synonyms so as not to be unnatural and to avoid penalties from search engines.

As you can see, when carrying out a linkbuilding strategy, the design of the links is extremely important. Think about what kind of links you are interested in working for your specific case and put them to the test by improving your visits and the positioning of your page in search engines.



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