What is local SEO?

Local SEO is about the application of a series of techniques aimed at increasing visibility and optimizing the positioning of a page in user searches, depending on its geographical location. That is, it makes a site be in the first results made in your area, in searches related to that type of business.

As is well known, the pages that appear in the top positions of the Google results lists attract the highest percentage of total traffic. According to studies, in each search at least 71 percent of user clicks are made in the first three results that the search engine shows, this means that from the fourth place down they will only get less than 30 percent of clicks.

Without a doubt, mastering local SEO will give you a greater flow of potential customers. Google will always seek to show the most relevant results for its users and therefore you must initially verify what position your business is currently occupying in the search engine.

Although it is not so easy to achieve first place, there are tools that will help you position yourself locally, strengthen your brand, attract new customers and will also be key to more quickly meet the objectives of profitability and monetization.

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