What is HTTPS and why should you apply it on your website?

HTTP is the acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. So what is HTTPS, you ask? Actually, it means the same thing, but with the word “secure” built in. Both methods are used in the data transfer process.

Therefore, the difference between the two is the way in which data is transmitted in a system. While the former allows for clear and accessible sending by anyone who intercepts it, the latter applies a much more secure connection, using SSL encryption.

Why switch to HTTPS?

Switching to HTTPS, which is one of the most secure ways to send data on an online platform, is a great advantage because it has the security of the Transport Layer Security or TLS protocol, based on three phases of protection:

Data integrity

In HTTPS the information cannot be damaged or modified during the transfer process.


Encryption is the most secure way for data to be exchanged in a more discreet way. Consequently, when the user navigates through your online platform no other user can observe his conversations, extract any information or follow up on his actions.


Website authentication is essential to ensure that users are communicating with the right site. This mechanism helps you protect your site from hacker attacks, providing greater confidence to your customers or followers.

Benefits of HTTPS

In addition to the security provided by the use of HTTPS, applying it brings you a number of benefits such as

  • Helps boost your website’s ranking in Google.
  • Having an SSL certificate helps improve your site’s positioning.
  • Provides greater security for site users to share personal data.

How does HTTPS improve SEO?

When you use the HTTPS protocol on your website, Google detects that you have a fairly large security mechanism, something that gives you great value and improves your ranking position above other websites that only have HTTP.

This is because security has become a priority for Google, considering that it is the best tool to ensure user trust.

Why use HTTPS in an online store?

When an online store uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates it reflects to users that it is a reliable and serious platform. So, the reasons why you should apply this protocol to your shop are

  • You provide more confidence to users about your store, especially because in this type of platform customers must enter personal information.
  • HTTPS represents a security mechanism that is quite difficult to penetrate by hackers, so the platform’s database is adequately protected.

Now you know what is HTTPS and its benefits. Just apply it to your website and enjoy the guarantees it offers.



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