What backlinks are and why they are so important to your SEO strategy

Do you know what are backlinks and the importance they have in the SEO positioning of your website? In this post you will discover everything about backlinks, their types and how to make a correct linkbuilding strategy to improve the SEO positioning of your website.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to your website from external pages, that is, they are links on websites other than yours that point to your website and transmit traffic, authority or both.

The number of backlinks on a website, as well as their quality and type, are some of the most influential factors in the SEO OffPage of a website. Therefore, to get a good SEO positioning on your website, it is recommended to include them in your strategy.

Types of backlinks

There are two different types of backlinks depending on whether they transmit authority from one domain to another, or on the contrary they only transmit traffic.

Dofollow links

Dofollow links are those that transmit traffic and authority to the web page they point to, telling search engine robots to follow the link. With this type of link, the source website transfers part of its authority or its PageRank to the destination website, which benefits the recipient by improving its SEO positioning, achieving greater credibility of your site before search engine robots.

No follow links

No follow links are those that transmit traffic to the website they are pointing to, but they do not transmit credibility or authority. In other words, this type of link indicates the search engine robot that does not follow the link, which avoids the loss of authority or PageRank on the original website.

The importance of linkbuilding in your SEO strategy

What is linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is a SEO OffPage positioning strategy that tries to increase the authority of a website by getting incoming links to it, with the purpose of scaling positions in the organic search results of search engines.

Linkbuilding techniques

There are several techniques you can follow to carry out your linkbuilding strategy correctly:

  • Create natural links: this is one of the most important factors, as Google penalizes the creation of unnatural or forced links. You have to create links in websites that have related content and that fit the theme.
  • Don’t repeat too much the anchor text: the anchor text is the text shown in the link. It is a good idea not to repeat it too much and change it, otherwise Google could consider your links as unnatural.
  • Check for broken links: a good way to get backlinks is to look for broken links in web pages with themes related to yours. If you find any, you can tell his administrator to change the broken link to one to your website.
  • Take care of the quality of your links: the best thing to do is to have your backlinks come from high quality websites with high authority, as these will transmit more credibility to your website before the search engine robots. Try to avoid links to websites with little authority or content penalized by search engines, as it could negatively influence SEO positioning.

As we have seen, backlinks and the linkbuilding strategy you follow is a very important factor for the SEO positioning of your website. If you carry out a correct link building strategy, the results of your website will improve and you will be able to scale up positions in the organic results of search engines.




2 thoughts on “What backlinks are and why they are so important to your SEO strategy”

  1. Thank you a lot for the great tips. Apreciated!Do you know if the backlinks from sites like CitySearch and Websst are do-follow and is there a chance how to check this?
    Regards: George W.

    • To know if a link is do-follow you must see the HTML code of the link (a tag). If it has a “rel=nofollow” attribute the link will be nofollow, otherwise do-follow.
      With the Chrome browser, you can see the HTML code of the link by right clicking on it and inspecting it.


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