SEO writing, tips and tricks to improve your positioning

Do you know the importance of writing your content in the SEO positioning of your website? In this article, you can learn to write a correct SEO writing and so position your website more easily.

What is SEO writing for?

SEO writing is a way of writing online content aimed at improving SEO positioning and performance of results in the search engines of the website where it is used.

Nowadays it is usually part of the basic SEO positioning strategy of all websites, because if the content is not properly optimized for this purpose, it will not be efficient in search results, which will make it more difficult to find.

How to write SEO-optimized content

In order to write SEO-optimized content, it will be necessary to follow the recommendations of search engines, avoiding behaviors and terms that may be penalized by them.

Before writing the content, it is advisable to choose a series of keywords for which you want to position the page, and then include them in a natural way in the content, avoiding inconsistencies with the content and repeat them too many times.

It is also necessary to create a header structure with titles and subtitles that organize the content with sense, since this is one of the fundamental factors in SEO positioning.

Above all, it is necessary to avoid copying the content of other websites and create your own original content, which may be of interest to users, otherwise, search engines will penalize the website and even eliminate it from their search results.

Main criteria for SEO writing

To check if the content is being written correctly, you can use a plugin such as Yoast SEO, which will analyse whether it meets the main criteria for correct writing and SEO positioning. The fundamental criteria that the plugin analyzes are the following.

SEO Title

The SEO title of the website is very important, as it is the first thing users see when the page appears in the search results. Its content should not exceed 55 characters, otherwise it may not be displayed in full on all devices.

It is best to use a phrase with which users can identify the content of the website. You can include a series of icons in ASCI language that can help highlight the page in the search results, also improving the CTR.


The metadescription of a web page is the small description of the page that appears under the title in the search results. Its maximum length should be less than 115 characters and should contain the information essential to attract the user and help identify the content.

As with the title, you can also enter ASCI characters to stand out in search results.


Keywords related to the content to be positioned should be selected and distributed throughout the content in a natural way and avoiding over-optimization.

Length of the content

The length in words of the content of a page is a very influential aspect in its SEO positioning. It is considered that a page starts to have enough content at 500 words, but the optimum is to write as much content as possible without being redundant.

Structure of the headings

The structure of the headers or tags (H1, H2, H3,…) of a website is also a very influential factor in SEO positioning. The hierarchy of headings must be respected and distributed in a way that guides the user through the information using keywords.

In short, to carry out a correct SEO writing in your website is fundamental to get to appear in the first results of search engines. To do this, it is best to follow all the criteria recommended by search engines when we carry out the writing of our content.



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