Why should you monitor Google rankings of your keywords?

There is no doubt that keywords are a transcendental part of any positioning in Google.

When we want to place ourselves in good positions in Google, the most famous search engine on the planet, we need our website to appear among the first options. And, for that, it is essential to have found the right keywords.

We are talking about keywords when we refer to what daily Google users type. In other words, a term is introduced and then a list of pages with that content appears.

Choosing the right keywords is a complex process, where it is important to observe the competition and also investigate in depth the traffic in the most famous search engine.

Once we have done all that work and chosen the keywords that we believe will give us the expected result, it is essential to monitor to know if the strategy is working or not.

For this reason, it is important to know how to monitor Google positions of your keywords and which tool is the most appropriate to carry out this function.

How do you know your position on Google?

The first thing you necessarily have to know is that Google’s search results are not always reliable.

The most famous search engine in the world adapts the terms to be researched according to the user’s location. In other words, if we do a search in Barcelona, the results will not be the same as if we did it in Madrid.

In addition, Google adapts its services to our history of previous research, showing results adapted to our own search patterns.

In conclusion, it is not enough with the positions that Google offers us, but it is necessary to resort to other services to know how is the strategy of keywords that we use.

To facilitate this work there are a large number of tools that can be useful to know our position in real time.

As there is a great variety of services of this type, the choice can be difficult. For this reason, here we will talk about the essential characteristics that these platforms must have so that you can monitor the positions of your keywords in Google. You can do this easily with our Google Rank Checker!

Characteristics that the service must have

These services to monitor the position of your keywords in Google are a way to optimize time and see if the chosen strategies are working.

For this reason, we speak of a fundamental tool for SEO strategy, since keywords are a transcendental aspect for the world’s most famous search engine to position your firm at the top.

A very important detail is that the service should be very simple to manage in order to monitor the positions in Google of all your keywords, without having to watch many hours of tutorials.

Let’s see in detail, now yes, the qualities that this type of platforms must have to fulfill its function perfectly.

Tracking and personalization of keywords

It is important that the platform has local and international search engines so that you can know what position your keywords occupy in a given country or region.

At this point, it is vital that the tool performs the monitoring with great precision on the location you want: country, state and even city.

That is to say, it is key that you have the possibility to follow carefully every aspect of your keywords anywhere in the world.

Important tools for researching keywords

It is really important that the service has the most popular tools for keyword research.

We are talking about, for example, Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Trends and even Google’s own related searches, such as Google Autocomplete, among others.

The use of these tools together will allow you to discover hundreds of keywords that you could not find otherwise. In short, you will have access to the keywords of your competitors.

Analysis of the competition

By having a program that uses all those keyword tracking programs, you’ll be able to see how your competition is doing.

That’s why you’ll be watching what your rivals are doing all the time, observing which trends are growing and which are falling.

For this function keep in mind that Search Console has certain limitations, because it does not allow you to see your competition.

Real-time tracking

It is essential that the service monitors the evolution of the positioning of your keywords in order to know in detail which strategy is working and which should be avoided completely.

In this sense, it is essential to have access to your daily, weekly and monthly results of all the engines and keywords included in your project.

There is no doubt that all this information in real time is extremely useful for your business or company.

Help you choose the best keywords

If you have experience in Google positioning, you will know that it is not easy to choose the right keywords for your company. And if you are a beginner, you must be clear that it can be an extremely complex process.

For this reason, so that this whole procedure can be much simpler, it is important that the service quickly analyzes which are the perfect keywords to search for the highest position in the search engine.

In short, monitoring the Google positions of your keywords is an essential action to know in detail if the chosen strategy is the right one or if it is convenient to make some retouches, or directly modify it.

And to carry out this action, there is no doubt that choosing the perfect service is essential. For this, you have to take into account all the functions listed above.

If you have a tool that allows you to carry out this action effectively, you will be closer to achieving the desired SEO positioning, a transcendental aspect for your company’s strategy to be successful.

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Already known the reasons why you should monitor the Google positions of your keywords, it is your responsibility to start taking into account the recommendations for the future of your business.



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