Discover your geolocated ranking in Google

Having a good search position on Google is a very important factor for the visibility, growth and success of a web page. Therefore, it is a good tactic to invest time and money in strategies that can achieve an optimal positioning in such a search engine, so that more people easily find their address online.

For any SEO, the daily control of the position of your keywords in Google is very significant, as it allows you to discover the impact that your SEO decisions and actions are generating and do achieve positive results on the website you manage.

But how do you know what position your website is in Google? Our Local Rank SEO app is designed to achieve this goal in a geolocated way. By acquiring the application in the Play Store you will be able to discover how your keywords are working throughout the territory, you can download it for free from here.

Not only will you be able to know the 100% real information but you will also have total control over it. Some tools only let you know the status of the keywords globally, which does not allow you to observe the behavior and position of each target word in a specific site, but in SEO Local Rank the possibility of being aware of the operation at the local level is possible.

Hundreds of devices work collecting real information across the territory to provide all the reliable data that Google results show in each city. In this way, you can have in your favor fundamentals to create and design the different strategies so that your website can increase its number of clicks and visits.

Well, the question is how does this app work to achieve this task? As we have already mentioned through multiple devices, the data in each place is obtained for the keywords of your texts and other web content, in this way you can keep yourself in constant monitoring.

Of course, according to the city in which you are, the application will offer you the data you need, because that is where the website of your business, organization or personal blog comes alive and is the information necessary to achieve the ideal strategies and correct according to the location or territory in which you are. This way you will know the results in the different towns, localities and cities near your location and in which you really want to know it in a specific way.

If you are in Madrid, Barcelona or any other city in Spain you will have the opportunity to know the operation of the geolocated keywords that you have used for your online site from there.

In such a discovery, you will be able to see on the screen the statistics that are projected according to the behavior of said keywords, which includes the position (if you are in the place number 5, 10 or 20 …), the date on which those words were found in such position (with day, month and year) and the time interval in which it was obtained (for example, if it was 4 days, 9 days ago, etc.).

You can also enjoy totally free plans that will provide you with all the service with the same quality. However you will find different plans according to your needs and payment possibilities. Both small websites or blogs as well as large companies or agencies can obtain the services of this app to reach their goals in their marketing strategies.

Keeping the ranking of your website verified with the use of this wonderful tool will allow you to take full advantage as a local user and identify the ranking that Google search gives to your site. In this way, you will be able to improve each of the tactics that you develop for the growth of the web and select the correct words that work as keywords, whether to use long or short sentences and when it is more viable to use them.

User comments are positive and recommend the use of this application. Do not stay behind and download SEO Local Rank so you are always aware of the positioning of your keywords and keep under control the function and success of your own website or that of your customers.

SEO is a transcendent instrument for online growth.



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