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TrueRanker is the most accurate and reliable Google Rank Tracker for SEO keyword positions

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Our powerful and advanced tool allows you to analyze + check by country, province or city and monitor the real rankings of your projects on Google search engine. Discover new SEO keywords that you had not detected and improve visibility + organic traffic from search engines.

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How TrueRanker SEO tool works

Using our Rank Tracking tool to check positions in Google and other search engines is very simple. Add project (you can monitor a single domain, a domain with its subdomains, a specific subdirectory, a unique URL or a Google Chrome Extension) and start monitoring the evolution of your SEO strategy.

Choose the city, province or country to have more detailed data on how Local or national / international SEO strategy is working according to your project. You can also choose the type of device on which you want to know the search positions in Google: Desktop, mobile or both at the same time.

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Find out your competitors for each sector and each keyword and study what SEO strategy they are carrying out. Use keyword suggestions and discover opportunities you were missing. Monitor the evolution of your project thanks to our web visibility index.

Much more than a Google Rank Checker for keywords rankings

Google SEO Rank Checker

TrueRanker is not just any Rank Tracker or Checker. Analyze your positions anywhere in the world, detect cannibalisations, get suggestions for keywords that you had not detected and much, much more:

Daily update

Update the rankings in Google of your keywords automatically or manually (on-demand) at any time. Your keywords and your business always under control with the best Rank Tracker.

Keywords Suggestions

Our tool shows for which keywords your website is positioning in multiple countries, so you can track them. Don’t miss out on opportunities to grow organic traffic.


Are 2 or more URLs of your website ranking for the same keyword? TrueRanker alerts you to correct cannibalization problems that can be harming your SEO.



SEO analysis

Analyze the most important SEO factors of the URLs of your website and those of your competitors. Apply the suggested changes and improve your rankings, positioning and business.


Get the exact position in Google of your keywords by country, province and city. More than 40,000 locations at your entire disposal. TrueRanker is the local SEO Rank Tracker you were looking for.


Check your keywords data from our Rank Tracker on web, the TrueRanker mobile app on Google Play, or integrate our technology into your WordPress website.

Why track the positions of your keywords?


The main objective of SEO is to generate traffic / visits to a website from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) by positioning keywords in search results. The better positions the keywords of a project have, the more organic traffic you will get. IMPORTANT: more visits = more business.

That is why it is vitally important to monitor the positioning of the keywords of a project. This allows to know the trend of the project, to understand if the SEO strategy and tactics are working, or if a filter or penalty has been applied. In addition, for local businesses, being able to see the actual rankings by city or province is extremely important.

Still not monitoring your business on the Internet with our Rank Tracker?

Why use our Google Rank Checker?

We are not going to tell you that we know 100% how Google works, far from it. We would be lying, since no one knows exactly how the world’s most used search engine works. However, we can tell you that the TrueRanker team has more than 15 years of experience in SEO and has managed websites with millions and millions of visits of organic traffic. TrueRanker is the Google Rank Checker that we always wanted to have, that helps us in our work every day and that you can use yourself to track your SEO performance, and grow organic traffic.

Local SEO Rank Tracker - TrueRanker

TrueRanker is an accurate and reliable SEO tool that allows you to monitor keywords on Google in more than 40,000 different locations (Desktop + Mobile) and discover new ones that you had not detected, analyze the On-Page and PageSpeed optimization of any URL on your website and have under control the visibility of your domain, among other things.

We love to experiment and design new and innovative tools related to search engine marketing, and now you can enjoy all of them.

Our customers say

TrueRanker is the Google Rankings Tracker you were looking for

TrueRanker tool helps hundreds of freelancers, startups, publishers and agencies keep track of their keyword positions on Google.

This is the SEO Rank Tracker you need to get more web traffic for your project.

We are in continuous development of tools so that you can improve your visibility on the Internet and make your business grow. Give our Google Rank Checker a try, you can do it for free. SEO is, among others, about keywords, and TrueRanker can help with that.